Drywall Panels

PURPLE® XP® Hi-Impact® Drywall

Perfect for use in basements, garages, playrooms and other spaces susceptible to unintended impacts. PURPLE® XP® Hi-Impact® Drywall combines moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistance with added protection against accidental holes.

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Perfect for walls subject to impact from hard objects

Resists penetrations through the gypsum board

Designed for use in rooms subject to impact from hard objects, PURPLE® XP® Hi-Impact® Drywall features a fiberglass mesh embedded into its core to resist penetrations through the drywall. It is designed to keep walls safe from hard objects like pool cues, car doors, sporting equipment and bike handles, providing outstanding quality, value and performance that lasts for decades.

Resists Impact

  • Offers greater protection against impact that can lead to indentation.
  • Features fiberglass mesh embedded into its core, one of the toughest components.
  • Provides the highest level of durability for your walls or ceilings.
  • Helps to prevent damage that adds maintenance costs and reduces safety.

Inhibits Mold Growth

  • Helps inhibit mold growth with the highest possible score on mold tests.
  • Features SPORGARD® technology with extra mold-inhibiting properties.
  • Has less than 5% water absorption.

Installs Fast and Easy

  • Features GridMarX® installation guide marks on the board to allow for faster and more accurate installation.
  • Reinforces joint treatment as well as standard gypsum board, reducing costs and the risk of improper installation.
  • Scores and snaps easily.

Provides Fire Resistance

  • UL Classified for fire resistance and surface burning characteristics.

Resists Moisture Better

  • Fights the effects of moisture before damage can occur.
  • Helps to reinforce the structure’s integrity and strength.
  • Reduces dimensional movement caused by moisture.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes XP® Hi-Impact® Drywall resistant to accidental holes?

XP® Hi-Impact® Drywall features all of the benefits of XP® Hi-Abuse® Drywall plus a fiberglass mesh embedded into the back of the board to prevent accidental holes from car doors or bike handles in the garage or a hole from a doorknob or pool cue in a playroom.

Isn’t all drywall the same?

No. While all drywall is naturally fire-resistant, PURPLE drywall is unique because it also resists moisture, mold and mildew. Some PURPLE drywall products also stand up to scratches, scuffs, dents and sound. This means added value and peace of mind regardless of steamy showers, roughhousing kids or band practice. All PURPLE products have achieved GREENGUARD Gold Certification for indoor air quality and are as easy to install and finish as standard drywall.

What’s the difference between PURPLE drywall and traditional green drywall?

Traditional green drywall (also known as greenboard) is only moisture-resistant. PURPLE drywall, manufactured only by Gold Bond Building Products, is superior because it offers moisture, mold and mildew resistance. In addition, many PURPLE drywall products offer added benefits, including resistance to scratches, scuffs, dents and noise.

What makes PURPLE drywall resistant to moisture, mold and mildew?

PURPLE drywall is made of a specially treated, moisture- and fire-resistant gypsum core. That core is sandwiched between heavy, moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistant, 100 percent recycled paper that’s purple on the front and gray on the back.

What makes PURPLE drywall naturally fire-resistant?

Gypsum itself is naturally fire-resistant. Gypsum drywall is made by sandwiching a core of wet plaster between two sheets of paper. When the core sets and dries, the gypsum board becomes a strong, rigid, fire-resistant building material. It’s resistant to fire because in its natural state, gypsum contains water; and when exposed to heat or flame, this water is released as steam, which delays heat transfer.

How do I know how much drywall I need?

Use our Materials Calculator to determine how much drywall you’ll need for your next project. All you need to know are your room’s dimensions. The calculator will do the rest. You can also get in-person help at your local home improvement store or ask your contractor.