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Make sure your basement has the strength to last, today and for decades to come.

Whether you’re turning your basement into a home gym or a playroom, PURPLE® drywall makes it easy to transform this unused – or underused – space into the most active room in your home. The possibilities are endless, and you’ll want to ensure it’s built to last just as long.

Use PURPLE® XP® Hi-Impact® Drywall, featuring a fiberglass mesh embedded into its core, to prevent accidental holes in high-activity areas. For low-activity spaces, PURPLE® XP® Drywall protects against the moisture, mold, and mildew often found in basements.

PURPLE Advantages

  • Impact Resistant - PURPLE XP Hi-Impact Drywall provides added resistance against accidental holes.
  • Superior Performance - Top rated in industry material tests, PURPLE XP Drywall ensures your project will stand the test of time.
  • Reliable Protection - Unlike standard drywall, all PURPLE drywall is moisture-, mold- and mildew-resistant.
  • Fire Resistant - PURPLE XP Drywall is fire resistant, which gives you added peace of mind.

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